BRANOliner, the baking underlayer by BRANOpac - get in contact with the producer right here!

Extremely tear-proof, BRANOliner is composite material made from unbleached Kraft liner that is harmless to foods. Thanks to its special coating with excellent release properties, this material has everything needed to make the ideal baking paper. Its high rigidity makes it unique in terms of its ability to shape itself to plates, dishes and trays. BRANOliner‘s thinness means that it offers good heat exchange properties to the baking product, ensuring a crisp underside to the food. Compared to more traditional cardboard baking trays, this liner reduces the amount of energy and time needed.

BRANOliner provides an ideal base during the manufacturing and baking process for a large number of food applications in the following areas:

  • Bread, cakes and pastries industry
  • Pre-baked foods
  • Refrigerated convenience foods
  • Deep-frozen foods

As a baking shape or baking plate, BRANOliner can even be used during the production process as a transport base for dough and cakes. Once the baking process is over, the product is packaged together with the base and marketed ready-to-serve.

End users then bake or warm the deep-frozen products, pre-baked products, cheese products, pizzas and quiches on the BRANOliner at the usual temperature of between 200-220°C; when it’s ready, the product can be removed quickly and easily from the base without residue.

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