Baking Aluminium Foil – Blechrein BBQ Pro

The 2 in 1 baking aluminum foil Blechrein BBQ Pro combines the advantages of baking paper with the strengths of aluminum foil and can therefore not only be used in the oven, but is also fitting for grilling. Here, the baking aluminum foil is ideal for cooking vegetables, fish or cheese – because while the food does not stick due to the high release properties of the baking paper, the aluminum foil ensures the shape and, thanks to its conductivity, the perfect cooking temperature in the parcel.

Cakes and muffins can also be – without first greasing the baking molds – taken out of the oven intact and without the hassle of sticking. Thanks to the dimensionally stable and tear-resistant properties of the aluminum foil, Blechrein BBQ Pro adapts flexibly and effortlessly to any baking pan. Due to the high heat resistance for temperatures up to 220 ° C, Blechrein BBQ Pro is a real all-rounder for grill and oven.


  • Ideal for grill and oven
  • Dimensionally stable and flexible at the same time
  • Easy handling: no sticking of food, without additional greasing
  • Can be used up to 220 C.
  • Can be individually printed
  • No sticking and no additional greasing

Blechrein BBQ Pro can be purchased in almost any format. (Almost) everything is possible through our customized solutions: almost every format, processing of different raw papers in numerous grammages, lamination of various raw papers as well as customized printings. Are you interested in an application that is not included here? Please contact us to find out yourself what else is possible.

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