Blechrein Nature

Blechrein Nature – for a natural indulgence

Are you looking for a wholly natural, compostable and ecologically friendly parchment paper or a baking board made out of renewable resources? That means Blechrein Nature is “naturally” right for you!

The unbleached, chemical free parchment papers of the Blechrein Nature-line will support you to fully reflect on the nature’s origins. The wholefood papers and boards are sustainable since they can be used multiple times thanks to their high release properties. Moreover, they are ecologically harmless because they consist of fully recyclable paper and wood pulp. We are able to prove this on the basis of our various quality and environment certificates which include the PEFC-certification of all our papers.

The Blechrein Nature-line can be divided into the parchment papers Blechrein Basic Nature and Blechrein Premium Nature as well as the parchment board Blechrein Liner. The latter is multifunctional since you cannot only use it for baking purposes, but also use it instead of a plate later on.

Adding to that, Blechrein Liner is perfectly suited for frozen foods like pizza. Producers can pre-bake the food on the Blechrein parchment board and later on utilize it as part of the packaging. Thus, customers can warm up the pizza on the same parchment board and in the end enjoy it right from the board. Due to the multifaceted application of the sustainable parchment board, paper can already be saved within the process chain.

It does not matter if you are having a barbecue with friends, if you want to warm up bagels for your Sunday breakfast or if you would like to enjoy your pizza in the evening – with the help of Blechrein Nature you leave the stressful daily routine behind and rely on naturalness.

Start to utilize your parchment papers and boards without remorse: natural, sustainable and environmentally conscious, in complete harmony with the nature.

Our industrial customers can also purchase eco-friendly parchment paper in (almost) every format.

In the sections My Blechrein as well as Tailor-made, you can get an idea about other possibilities you have to individually create parchment papers or parchment boards.

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