Blechrein Taste

Blechrein Taste – taste is what matters

Do you want to cook and bake like a gourmet at home and maximize the taste of your dishes?

With the aid of our grease-absorbing parchment papers of the Blechrein Taste line, this plan will work out easily. The Blechrein Taste line can be divided into the cooking-suitable parchment paper Blechrein Cook, the dripping paper Blechrein Snack and the oven and barbecue parchment paper Blechrein Tasty.

While the unprinted parchment paper Blechrein Cook is especially suitable for the preparation of casseroles, Blechrein Snack is the best choice for dripping off deep-fried dishes (e.g. fried mushrooms or other vegetables).

The gourmet parchment paper Blechrein Tasty enables you to prepare your dishes less greasy. The grease absorbing parchment paper does not only support you in living a healthier lifestyle. Due to the grease reduction, the intrinsic taste of your dishes will be intensified as well. When using Blechrein Tasty, your dishes will become a delicacy visually as well as taste-wise.

You can utilize Blechrein Tasty for the oven and (implicitly) for barbecues. The heat-resistant parchment paper is perfectly suited for cooking fish, meat or vegetables en papillote (i.e. baked in a folded pouch) and offers a healthy alternative to the use of health-damaging aluminum foil.

In addition to that, there is no more need of seasoning the food a lot since the folded pouch preserves the intrinsic taste of the food. Through that, you can for example reduce the usage of salt.

Indulge your loved one with a candle light dinner in your own home or enjoy the evening with friends – accompanied by delicious food and little effort!

Blechrein Taste is also perfectly suitable for expert chefs, restaurants, frozen food producers and other industrial customers.

In case you need a cooking or parchment paper that is individually tailored to your needs and practices, have a look at the sections My Blechrein and Tailor-made where we offer personalized products to our industrial customers.

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