BRANOfol Skin – Skin films from BRANOpac

BRANOfol Skin is BRANOpac‘s optimized skin film. The polyethylene film (PE-LD) permanently exhibits VCI-inhibitors into the packaging so that within a short time, a protective atmosphere is established.

The skin film not only reliably protects from corrosion while being in contact with the metal, but also on distance, e.g. in hardly-reachable areas. Due to its high elasticity, the film also holds in position against critical parts such as deep nozzles or sharp edges.

The special carrier polymer provides for the optimal intake of VCI inhibitors as well as for an extraordinary adhesion to the skin support. Following, BRANOfol Skin can be processed in an economical and energy-saving manner.

Furthermore, the film’s resistance following the skin processing ensures a safe and stable packaging. Due to the film’s transparency, BRANOfol Skin is often utilized as sales packaging.

BRANOfol Skin is suitable for skinning small and medium parts, for instance turning parts, screws, nuts or ball bearings. Complex components such as spare parts for the automotive industry can be packaged with BRANOfol Skin as well. Next to corrosion protection, the skin film also functions as moisture protection.

Depending on the climate conditions and the packaging’s density, a protection up to twelve months can be guaranteed. With further knowledge about the application conditions, the guarantee can even be extended.

Upon request, we gladly support you with packaging or rather demonstrate the correct application of BRANOfol Skin to you. Just contact us! On the right-hand side, you can find all the needed contact information. For further information about BRANOfol Skin, visit our website .