My Blechrein

My Blechrein – where the variety begins

Do you need a certain cooking-, separation-, or parchment paper and have not found a proper solution for your problem so far?

Within our My Blechrein line that is especially addressed to our industrial customers, we offer you various cooking-, separation-, and parchment papers that have been developed for special applications like pretzels, cooking “en papillote” or preparing very sticky pastries with high requirements such as macarons.

All parchment-, cooking-, and separation papers in the My Blechrein line consist of very high release properties so that no residues stick on the paper. Moreover, the extraordinary release properties ensure that the baking sheet stays clean as well so that there is no need for cleaning afterwards and the hygienic requirements are still met.

Blechrein Separate is a natural, greaseproof paper that is suitable for separating cheese, cold meats or grilled foods. Blechrein Extra Strong is a greaseproof baking board with very high release properties. Furthermore, we have already developed various special editions of baking boards according to different customer requirements.

Blechrein BBQ is the perfect solution for barbecues. The parchment paper is suitable for cooking meat, fish or vegetables en papillote and replaces the health-damaging aluminum foil.

Blechrein Pizza is a baking board that cannot only be used to pre-bake (frozen) pizza, the pizza can also be sold with the same baking board so that customers can again use it at home to warm up the pizza and to even use the board instead of a plate in the end. Our Blechrein Pizza baking board has an extraordinarily heat permeability, shortens the necessary baking time and guarantees a crispy bottom.

The separation paper Blechrein Ice prevents any form of adhesion due to its very high release properties and for that reason is suitable for the industrial production of ice cream and sorbet.

Generally, our parchment papers and baking boards are convenient for the sale of frozen products, finger food and fast food.

Do you already have an idea which tailor-made application we could offer to you? (Almost) everything is possible through our customized solutions: almost every format, processing of different raw papers in numerous grammages, lamination of various raw papers as well as customized printings. Are you interested in an application that is not included here? Please contact us to find out yourself what else is possible.

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