BRANOfol R3 – Corrosion Protection Film for Iron Metals

BRANOfol R3 is a blue dyed, bilateral operating special polyethylene film with active corrosion protection.

The corrosion protection film constantly emits volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) into the packaging and therefore effectively protects steel, iron, cast iron, chromium, tin and pure aluminum from corrosion. Depending on the packaging volume, the protective atmosphere is being established within a short time and even protects metal surfaces that are not directly in touch with the film. Moreover, the protective atmosphere is re-established after shortly opening the packaging (e.g. for individual removals).

BRANOfol R3 is waterproof, weldable, elastic and tearproof. Furthermore, it is suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. The film is also available with flame-retardant, UV-stabilizing, highly elastic or dissipative properties.

Depending on the climate conditions and the packaging’s density, a protection up to twelve months can be guaranteed. With further knowledge about the application conditions, the guarantee can even be extended for long-term storages over ten years. 

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