BRANOfol Cu – Protective Copper Film

BRANOfol Cu is a special polyethylene film that guarantees active corrosion protection for copper and its alloys. The corrosion protection film exhibits minuscule amounts of VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitors). These quickly establish a protective atmosphere within the packaging and ensure that metal surfaces that are not directly in touch with the film are being protected as well.

The copper film is weldable, waterproof and suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. It is available from 40 bis 300 μm as well as in various colors and designs. Moreover, the corrosion protection film can be expanded with different additives for shrinkable, highly tear-proof, UV-stable or flame-retardant properties.

BRANOfol Cu is typically utilized for control elements, electronic components as well as electronic engines in the electronic industry.

The packaged parts are reliably protected against corrosion for up to twelve months. With detailed knowledge of the application, BRANOfol Cu is also suitable for long-term packaging of more than 10 years (e.g. final stocking of building utensils). Even after a short opening of the packaging – e.g. at border controls – the VCI protection atmosphere is being completely established afterwards.

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