VCI Anti-Corrosion Protection and its Applications

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To get the best VCI protection for metal parts we use active ingredients that have corrosion protective characteristics and can also steam out of the substrates. This process continues until there is a protective atmosphere, the VCI protection, in the package. VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.

By absorbing the contents on the surface of the metal parts the VCI protection develops its effect: A protection layer against the influence of oxygin and water is built. If the to-be-protected metal is covered with a VCI protection, a atmosphere that is saturated with the inhibitor develops. Right after opening the package with the metal parts the inhibitor volatilizes without remnants. In contrast to proctection layers out of oil or wax, that have to be removed in a complex and costly way, VCI protection includes this essential advantage.

Among other things there are following products available for the VCI Anti-Corrosion protection: VCI Anti-Corrosion film, VCI Anti-Corrosion papers and VCI-depots. Metal parts that should be treated with VCI Anti-Corrosion protection during storage or transport, can easily be packaged with VCI Anti-Corrosion paper and film, for example through coating the containers , simply wrap the workpiece or as an intermediate layer.

The duration until a protective atmosphere is built depends on the space between the material with the VCI protection to the metal. The rule-of-thumb implies that with a space of 30 centimeters the full protection is reached within 15 minutes. The denser the outer package, the more permanent is the VCI Anti-Corrosion protection.

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