Corrugated Cardboard BRANOseal

BRANOseal is a corrugated cardboard that is open on one side. Its standard B-flute (on demand there are also other flutes available) is refined with cold-sealable properties. Cold-sealable paper only sticks to itself and not to the packaged goods. Moreover, increased sealing temperatures are not necessary which means room temperatures are sufficient to make the corrugated cardboard stick to itself.

The self-adhesive BRANOseal is used for intelligent sealing solutions within the packaging industry since it makes further sealing materials such as adhesive tape or straps redundant. Furthermore, the packaging functions as a cushion which additionally protects the product.

The usage of BRANOseal not only eases the process of packaging, it also causes less waste than conventional packaging such as air cushion foils. In addition to that, the costs for the dual system (recycling fees) are minor when using self-adhesive corrugated cardboard. The coating of the corrugated cardboard is environmentally-friendly as well as harmless to health so that BRANOseal can be energetically utilized.

Self-adhesive corrugated cardboard is used:

  • In the mail order business for the quick and easy packaging of books, CDs, DVDs etc.
  • In the furniture sector for shielding scratch-sensitive chair and table legs etc.
  • In the transport sector, for protecting scratch- and impact-sensitive parts, for example bicycle frames and forks, electronic components, etc.
  • For individual packaging and individual protective padding

BRANOseal is perfectly suitable for mail order businesses as well as for private households. For further information about our self-adhesive corrugated cardboard BRANOseal, visit our website