Export Packaging

BRANOpac produces VCI packaging for small, middle and large parts. The term large parts hereby refers to machines, turbines or turbine housings.

In contrast to the packaging with aluminium composite, VCI-foil does not have to be sealed, but only needs to be protected from draught. In order to achieve this effect, it is sufficient to secure the foil with tape, stretch film or sealing stapler. Thus, time is being saved. Furthermore, a protective atmosphere is established which provides active corrosion protection.

Another advantage that comes along with the usage of VCI-foils as export packaging is the foils’ transparency. The latter eases the customs inspection since the foils do not have to be opened at customs in order to control for instance serial numbers. If a hole arose in the foil during transport, the loss of efficiency would be lower in comparison to aluminium composite.

VCI-foils from BRANOpac are available in various foil strengths up to 300 µ. The latter are especially suited for exterior exports due to their shrinkable properties which make them extremely tear-resistant. Moreover, the transport protection can be easily integrated into the foil by shrinking another piece of foil onto the spot which has been opened in order to attach the protection. That way, an almost hermetic sealing can be ensured. After the process of shrinking, the packaged part can be moved without any problems. Consequently, it can even be lifted by a crane without the foil being damaged.

For oversea transports or longer transports in general we suggest using a combination of VCI-foil and VCI-paper or rather VCI-emitters for packaging in order to ensure a higher corrosion protection. The reason therefore is the fibrous structure of the papers, which absorb more VCI-liquid and consequently release moreVCI than VCI-foils.

VCI-papers as well as VCI-foils can be recycled and energetically utilized since the material is environmentally-friendly (more information: sustainable utilization of packaging materials).

Upon request we gladly support you within the process of packaging or rather demonstrate the correct application of our packaging to you. Just contact us! On the right-hand side, you can find the needed contact information. Moreover, you can find further information about our packaging products on our website: www.branopac.com.