Baking Release Paper - Blechrein

Baking release papers are required for a variety of food technology applications. They are coated on both sides, have excellent separating properties and a very high heat resistance. Baking release papers can be used several times at an average oven temperature of 200 ° C - 220 ° C. The user benefits from a clean and economical baking process through simple and residue-free removal of the baked goods. Baking trays or forms are lined directly with baking release paper and can be filled immediately with fresh, pre-cooked or frozen pasta.

In the bakery industry, baking release papers make it easier and faster to produce many kinds of pastries, for example yeast and puff pastries, tarts, cakes, Danish pastries, croissants, butter croissants, shortbread and tea biscuits, Christmas cookies or bread. Baking release papers are also used in the confectionery industry, in the convenience food sector and in the catering industry.

Our baking release papers are also available as pizza plates, baking plates or in various variations as baking tins.

More baking paper variations of the new and diverse Blechrein range can be found here: