BRANOfol Stretch – Stretch Film from BRANOpac

BRANOfol Stretch is a bluish, transparent stretch film with unilateral adhesion. However, its active VCI corrosion protection works double-sided. The stretch film is optimized for protection on contact and effectively protects aluminum, iron, steel, zinc, tin and chromium from corrosion.

The VCI stretch film constantly emits VCI inhibitors into the packaging so that a protective atmosphere is being established within a short time. The latter ensures the effective protection of metal parts during transport and storage. Even after a short opening of the package (e.g. at border controls), the protective atmosphere is completely re-established. Nevertheless, the packaging should form an enclosed space in order to reach the highest efficiency rate.

Since oiling and greasing is not necessary anymore, the metal parts can be immediately utilized without prior cleaning. This also means that BRANOfol Stretch conforms to an environmentally friendly corrosion protection. Furthermore, the film not only serves as corrosion protection, but also as moisture-repellent packaging material.

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