BRANOfol M4 60 μm – Audited Corrosion Protection with VW Top Mark

BRANOfol M4 60 μm offers efficient, nitrite-free corrosion protection. The 60 μm film has been awarded with VW’s top mark 2.0 (certified according to VW 50164:2013).

Although the protective atmosphere in the inner of the corrosion protection film is established within a shorter time compared to conventional protection films, the long-term protection is not reduced. BRANOfol M4 60 μm protects metal parts from corrosion for up to twelve months. With detailed knowledge of the application, long-term storages of more than ten years are possible as well.

Since the protective film constantly emits volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) into the packaging, metal parts that are not directly in touch with the film are being protected as well. Even after shortly opening the package (e.g. for individual removals), the protective atmosphere is completely re-established.

Compared to the usage of conventional 100 μm film, utilizing the ultrathin 60 μm film leads to a 40% saving in material. Thus, not only plastic is saved and disposal costs are decreased, but utilizing the 60 μm film also contributes to the protection of the environment,

The corrosion protection film can be used everywhere and effectively protects iron, steel, cast iron (on contact) and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. BRANOfol M4 60 μm is waterproof, weldable and suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. Furthermore, the corrosion protection film possesses highly transparent characteristics thanks to its low light diffusion.

It is also possible to individually equip the corrosion protection film. With additives from the BRANOmodule, BRANOfol M4 60 μm can be provided with further functional characteristics such as shrinkability, high tear resistance, electronic conductivity, UV-stability, elasticity etc. Moreover, individual prints and various film colors are available. Besides, you can choose between the completion as mono- or coex-film.

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