Blechrein Fit

Blechrein Fit – indulgence without regrets

Imagine just coming home from a good run or from a great workout and being really hungry. Actually, you would love to enjoy a portion of fries now…but wouldn’t that make the previous exercises negligible?

With the help of our parchment papers Blechrein Fit and Blechrein Slim, you can pursue a healthy lifestyle and indulge your ravenous appetite at the same time since the papers enable you to prepare low-fat meals.

While the filter paper Blechrein Fit fulfils the purpose of absorbing spare grease after baking and frying, Blechrein Slim, a laminate made from a bleached filter paper and a bleached parchment paper, contains a grease barrier that allows you to prepare oven meals containing up to 20% less fat than ordinary. However, Blechrein Slim does not only evidently absorb grease so that meals such as fries and chicken wings can be served in a healthier way. It also stores it within the paper so that the baking tray remains untouched and there is no need for further cleaning.

The Blechrein Fit line is not only convenient for private households, there are also multiple applications for the industry, e.g. for street food (or rather fast food) suppliers. Through the use of Blechrein Slim, customers can happily enjoy their meals without getting greasy fingers since the French fries do not saturate the box. Furthermore, the packaging partly absorbs spare grease so that you can even guarantee customers to consume healthier fastfood than usually.

In the sections My Blechrein and Tailor-made, you can find out what else we offer to our industrial customers and how it is possible to create a parchment paper that is fully individualized according to your needs and wishes.

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