BRANOguard is the largest of the four business units of BRANOpac GmbH. BRANOguard comprises the entire area of "corrosion protection according to the VCI principle". Within the business unit BRANOguard, products are classified in the areas of BRANOcell, BRANOplast, BRANOfluid and BRANOvac.

The product range of BRANOcell includes the temporary corrosion protection according to the VCI principle on paper basis. These corrosion protection papers are available in different material qualities, recipes and equipments. In addition to size-accurate customer requirements, the company BRANOpac offers the premium brand BRANOrost for ferrous metals (R) and multi-metals (U). There also are the basic brands Ferrogard and Multiguard.

The area of BRANOplast also comprises the temporary corrosion protection according to the VCI principle, but the carrier substance is a corrosion protection foil. This VCI-foil is available in different formats and versions.

Corrosion protection on oil basis. The corrosion protection oil of BRANOpac GmbH is BRANOtect. This thin fluid corrosion protection fluid is used as all-round metal care in workshops, private households, motor, gear construction and engineering. BRANOtect is available in the BRANOshop for private use.

BRANOguard is completed by the area of BRANOvac. BRANOvac comprises the temporary corrosion protection based on sealing layer materials. Sealing layer materials means steam-tight aluminium composite foils. The corrosion protection is based on these aluminium composite foils in connection with designed bags. If the packaging is undamaged, corrosion protection is possible for years.

Private customers can purchase corrosion protection bags of VCI-foil in the online shop BRANOshop:

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