VCI masterbatch refers to a plastic granulate to which VCI additives have been added for corrosion protection properties and which is used to manufacture VCI films (corrosion protection films). After the VCI masterbatches have been further processed into VCI film (corrosion protection film), volatile corrosion inhibitors emerge from the film inside the packaging. The inhibitors actively prevent corrosion by depositing on the surface of the metals, enclosing and protecting their passive layer.

The corrosion protection films made from VCI masterbatch offer optimal security when storing or transporting high-quality and sensitive metal products. Further advantages of VCI foils are the easy handling when packing and unpacking and the immediate use of the packaged metal parts. Therefore, they are well suited for contract packers, as well as the

  • Packaging industry
  • Steel industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Metal parts manufacturing
  • Electrical industry                                                                      

At BRANOpac, VCI masterbatches are manufactured in-house. The necessary mixture of PE granulate and VCI active ingredients is melted in an extruder, pressed in strands, cooled in a water bath and granulated.

Planetary roller extruders at BRANOpac are equipped with excellent mixing properties. Temperature-sensitive substances can be gently incorporated into various polymers thanks to excellent temperature control at low temperatures.

Advantages of planetary roller extruders:

  • Excellent processing of thermolabile substances
  • Reliable dispersion performance
  • Exceptional temperature control
  • Good homogenization
  • Gentle on materials                                                                                 

As an additional service, BRANOpac offers the manufacturing of individual and customized VCI masterbatches. In addition to VCI film, the production can also be expanded to VCI twin-wall sheets, trays, caps and other products. Thanks to extensive know-how, all process steps are precisely tailored to your requirements. You get exactly what you require: VCI masterbatches, optimally tailored to your application.

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