BRANOfol Multitron – corrosion protection for electronic parts

BRANOfol Multitron is a VCI-film that has been especially developed for the electronic industry.

The three-layered special film offers effective VCI corrosion protection for brass, copper, bronze and its alloys as well as reliable tarnish protection for precious metal surfaces. BRANOfol Multitron is used for electronic components such as electric cables, oscillators, transistors, electric engines, plug connectors, capacitors, coils, controller, diodes, processors etc.

Depending on the climate conditions, the correct application of BRANOfol Multitron offers an effective protection for up to twelve months. However, the duration of protection can possibly be extended if storage and transport are well known. Since the film constantly emits minuscule amounts of corrosion protection agents, metal surfaces that are not directly in touch with the film are protected as well. Depending on the packaging volume, the protective atmosphere is established within a short time. Even after a short opening of the packaging, the protective atmosphere is completely built up again.

The multi-layered special film consists of an active VCI-system in the inner layer. The barrier against water-vapor in the middle layer not only reduces water vapor, but also oxygen permeability.

Furthermore, the pollutant filter in the outer layer minimizes the penetration of air pollutants. In addition to that, BRANOfol Multitron is configured with electrically dissipative property.

BRANOfol Multitron is waterproof, weldable and suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. Through the usage of BRANOfol Multitron, greasing or oiling the electronic components is not necessary anymore. As a consequence, the components are immediately ready for use without any advanced cleaning necessary. Due to the abolition of greasing, BRANOfol Multitron can also be called a sustainable corrosion protection because the film can be energetically used afterwards.

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