Long-term packaging

BRANOpac's packaging know-how makes it possible to package small and medium-sized parts as well as large ones. Large parts include, for example, machines, turbines or even turbine housings.

For long-term packaging in particular, BRANOpac relies on a combination of aluminum composite and VCI film. Here, the VCI film is wrapped directly around the part to be packaged to ensure active corrosion protection. Aluminum composite film is used as a second, outer layer to maintain the corrosion protection of the VCI film for an even longer time period.

The aluminum composite foil is sealed and thus achieves a water vapor permeability that tends towards 0. The combination of VCI and aluminum laminated film allows storage for over 10 years.

However, we advise our customers to control the packaging in the course of years in order to ensure the corrosion protection is still actively working.

Upon request, we are pleased to assist you in packaging or rather demonstrate the correct application of our packaging to you. Just contact us! On the right-hand side, you can find all the needed contact information. Moreover, you can find further information about our packaging products on our website: www.branopac.com.