BRANOscience is a business unit of BRANOpac. The three components of the business unit BRANOscience are:

The lab of BRANOpac is equipped with state-of-the-art analysis technology and devices that are used not only to examine production but also offer analysis and lab services to customers from outside of the industry in the business unit BRANOscience.

The following are available for analysis:

  • Gas chromatograph with coupled mass spectrometer
  • Infrared spectrometer
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Programmable climate cabinets
  • UV-VIS photometer
  • Melt Flow Index meter
  • Redox conductivity meter
  • Surface resistance meter
  • Humidity meter

In addition to lab and analysis, trainings and application consulting are part of the unit BRANOscience. The basic trainings comprise: BRANOpac as a company and the business units of BRANOguard, BRANOfood, BRANOtech and BRANOscience.

Premium trainings provide the basics of temporary corrosion protection, VCI, sealing layer, oil, metal sciences, the product range of BRANOcell, BRANOplast, BRANOvac, BRANOfluid, and workshops, as well as customised customer solutions.

In application consulting, experts of the company BRANOpac offer technology, packaging consulting and tests, cause analysis, problem solutions, application-specific consulting, transport simulations and review of the process chains.

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