BRANOfol M8 AL – Aluminum Composite Film with Corrosion Protection Film


BRANOfol M8 AL is a nitrite-free special polyethylene film with VCI that is laminated with a water vapor proof aluminum composite film.

The bluish, transparent corrosion protection film constantly emits volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) into the packaging and thus establishes a protective atmosphere within a short time. Consequently, metal parts that are not directly in touch with the film are protected as well. Even after shortly opening the packaging (e.g. at border controls), the protective atmosphere is completely re-established afterwards.

On one hand, the aluminum composite film prevents the corrosion inhibitors from emerging, on the other hand, it prevents moisture from entering. Moreover, the combination of film and barrier layer material saves time in the packaging process.

BRANOfol AL is weldable and suitable as automatic packaging as well as for bag production. Since oiling or greasing is not necessary due to the usage of the film, the metal parts can be used immediately, furthermore, it makes the corrosion protection environmentally friendly.

Depending on the climate conditions and the packaging’s density, an effective protection up to 36 months can be guaranteed. With further knowledge about the application conditions, the guarantee can even be extended. Additionally, BRANOfol M8 AL is suitable for long-term storages of more than ten years.


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