BRANOseal hygienic paper - perfect for every shopping trolley

Hand hygiene - especially in public areas - is currently more important than ever. A clean contact surface of shopping trolleys, which are used daily by numerous people, is therefore essential. However, this cannot always be guaranteed at the moment, due to a scarcity and inadequate use of disinfectants.

The solution: BRANOseal hygienic paper - the self-adhesive paper for simple and effective protection. BRANOseal is a one-sided, cold-sealable hygienic paper that only adheres to itself. Use our environmentally friendly alternative made from recyclable materials and support the avoidance of plastic waste.

Small rolls can be placed near the shopping trolleys and used immediately.

And this is how it works:

  • Simply tear off the required length
  • wrap it around the contact surface
  • remove after shopping
  • dispose of in waste paper

BRANOseal hygienic paper is available at short notice and can be offered in a wide variety of sizes, from rotary rolls up to narrow rolls.

Further information on BRANOseal and other possible applications can be found at