Baking Paper / Baking Parchment

Baking release papers are special papers with excellent heat resistance properties and excellent separation characteristics; they are available coated on one or both sides for single and double-sided use. They are used in a large number of food applications in the following areas:

  • Bread, cakes and pastries industry
  • Confectionary industry
  • (Deep) frozen convenience foods
  • Meat and cheese industry
  • Catering industry

BRANOfood baking papers are used in the bread, cake and pastries industry to ease and speed up the manufacture of a wide range of products such as puff-pastry cookies, Danish pastry, biscuits, croissants, short pastries, scones, Christmas baking, cakes, tarts, pizzas and bread. 

Our special papers are put onto the baking trays or baking shapes and the food placed directly onto the paper. If baking is done at average oven temperatures between 200-220 °C, these papers can be used several times. No more greasing baking trays before use and no more cleaning them afterwards - benefit from a clean and efficient baking system which allows you to remove the residue-free finished products from the tray without effort.

Our baking papers are available as pizza plates or as different variations of baking moulds (e.g. muffin trays).

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