Pizza Plates for the Oven

Pizza plates for the oven – get in contact with the producer BRANOpac straightaway!

Pizza plates is an appropriate baking paper made of extremely tearproof composite material that is produced with unbleached kraftliner that‘s not harmfull for foodstuff. Pizza Plates by BRANOpac are made of BRANOliner, that has excellent release properties due to its special coating. Because the pizza plates so thin, they allow a good heat transfer and the bottom of the baking good is nice and crispy. Compared to casual baking papers or pizza plates made of cardboard, the duration and the consumption of energy is reduced significantly.

In the production the pizza plates can be used as a transport underlayer for the dough pieces. After that, the product is packed together with the pizza plate, so that the consumer can easily prepare the pizza or tarte flambee with temperatures of 200 – 220 °C. In the end the baking good can be removed from the pizza plate easily and remnant-free.

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