Planetary Roller Extruder

An extruder is a special machine for conveying solid to viscous mass. This mass is pressed out of an opening at a constant temperature and pressure.

A distinction is made between a processing and a compounding extruder. First, the processing extruder presses the mass into a certain shape. In order to obtain additional properties in the final product, the compound is then mixed with active ingredients in the compounding extruder.

In addition to coloring, UV protection, flame retardancy, antistatic and corrosion protection are typical properties.

Areas of application of the extruder are

  • Plastics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Color industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

BRANOpac has three so-called planetary roller extruders. A central spindle, a roller cylinder, a rotating planetary spindle and an internally toothed guide bush form the core of these planetary roller extruders.

The extruder components and their arrangement ensure excellent temperature control as well as good dispersion and homogenization.

With the planetary roller extruders at BRANOpac you can process all polyolefins and, to a limited extent, also polystyrene. At temperatures as low as 20 ° C and up to 260 ° C, planetary roller extruders are particularly gentle on any materials. The components to be processed do not necessarily have to be melted, but rather have to be malleable by kneading and rolling.

BRANOpac offers the production of masterbatches as a service. In a contract batch process, masterbatch is produced according to customer specifications or in development between the customer and BRANOpac. 

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