BRANOral C10 is an alcoholic active ingredient solution for diluted utilization in processing-fluids and rinsing baths. BRANOral C10 creates a nanometer-sized passivation-layer on non-ferrous metals. This passivation-layer improves protection against tarnishing in air or in coil.

Clean metal parts can be immersed in the BRANOral-C10 bath. Heating the immersion bath has a positive effect on the protection.

BRANOral C10 can also be added to oil, provided that the metal parts are oiled on felt. At a flash point of 42 ° C, BRANOral C10 is highly flammable (R11) and a dangerous preparation according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances. Keep the container tightly closed (S7) and keep away from sources of ignition.

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