Research and Development

BRANOpac extensively focuses on the research and development of its own products, as well as the development of customer solutions – specially made for the respective areas of application. BRANOpac is not restricted to production and sales: Since analysis is an integral part of the range of services,  specialized know-how and technical equipment is an additional part of the in-house R&D laboratory’s offering.

Consequently, customized-products that are tailored precisely to the customer’s applications and requirements are ensured thanks to the extensive research of BRANOpac. Since quality is of great importance to BRANOpac, the development team guarantees the quality of each product through a highly innovative research and development laboratory.

Numerous methods, tools and test equipment support the flexible R&D department, for instance shipment simulations, spectroscopic methods and professional research into the causes of corrosion.

Why go to the expense of conducting material or product research yourself when you can simply trust in BRANOpac’s existing expertise?

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