Blechrein Classic

Blechrein Classic – indulgence with tradition

Are you a baker by trade or at home, having great demands on yourself and the aim for perfect results? Or do you have to bake a birthday cake and want to make sure that nothing goes wrong?

Our Blechrein Classic products support you in both cases. Due to the excellent release properties of the parchment paper, every imaginable birthday cake and even the stickiest pastries can be easily removed without breaking apart or crumbling.

Since the parchment paper is suitable for advanced bakery requirements, bakeries, confectioneries and caterers also use the product with pleasure. The high-quality baking papers are especially used for sticky pastries with high requirements such as macarons.

All products of the Blechrein Classic line are suitable for baking, steaming, freezing as well as for separating food products. The greaseproof character of the paper ensures that no residuals sticks to the baking tray, following, there is no need for cleaning the tray afterwards. Moreover, the eco-friendly parchment paper consists of renewable raw materials and is 100 % food-safe.

According to your individual requirements, you can choose between “the original” parchment paper Blechrein Pro, Blechrein Premium, Blechrein Exclusive or Blechrein Strong within the Blechrein Classic line.

To our industrial customers, we also offer customized production. Our products can be individually adapted - starting with the type of raw paper, through the grammage and format to customer-specific printing. You can find more information in the sections My Blechrein and Tailor-made.

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