BRANOfol M4 – Improved Multi-Metal Protection

BRANOfol M4 is a nitrite-free, bilaterally effective special polyethylene film that protects metal parts from corrosion during transport and storage.

Within the packaging, volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) are constantly being emitted. They establish a protective atmosphere within a short time so that even metal parts that are not directly in touch with the film are being protected effectively. Moreover, the corrosion protection film is waterproof and protects the products from moisture.

As a further development of BRANOfol M3, BRANOfol M4 offers an even more efficient corrosion protection. The latter not only possesses highly transparent characteristics, it is also based on our latest batch system. The batch system ensures an accelerated establishment of the protective atmosphere without changing the long-term protection.

The bluish, transparent film is suitable for automatic packaging as well as for bag production. It reliably protects steel, iron, cast iron (only on contact), zinc plated steel, tin, aluminum, chromium, zinc, copper and its alloys against corrosion. With further knowledge about the application conditions, BRANOfol M4 can also be utilized for long-term storages of more than ten years. Besides, various properties can be added to BRANOfol M4, for instance shrinkability, high tear resistance, electrical conductivity or flame retardancy.

Upon request, we gladly support you with packaging or rather demonstrate the correct application of BRANOfol M4 to you. Just contact us! For further information about BRANOfol M4, visit our website