Corrosion Protection Oil - BRANOrol

BRANOrol is a premium VCI anti-corrosion oil based on mineral oil. It contains no solvents, waxes or wool fats. It is made without silicone and without ash-forming, inorganic additives.

BRANOrol works in two ways. On the one hand, the oil acts directly as a contact protection on the metal surface. On the other hand, small amounts of the VCI active-ingredient are released from the oil into the packaging, thus creating a protective atmosphere.

BRANOrol is used to protect gearboxes, pumps, motors, cylinders, pipes and tanks. It offers reliable and efficient protection against corrosion during shipping or storage of newly manufactured units or seasonal decommissioning of agricultural machines, snow clearing equipment, boats, etc.

The VCI anti-corrosion oil is poured or sprayed into the cavities to be protected. Then all openings are closed as tightly as possible. BRANOrol is mixable with all lubricating- and operating-oils based on mineral oil and harmless for rubber types that are resistant to mineral oil products. However, the compatibility with plastics, paints and synthetic oils must be checked in advance.

To protect a cavity that is a cubic meter in size, only 300 ml of BRANOrol are needed. The corrosion protection specifically includes iron. Copper, brass or bronze must be sprayed generously with BRANOrol before the preservation begins.

BRANOrol is not a dangerous preparation according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances. However, according to the circular economy and waste laws BRANOrol is a dangerous substance.

The oiled metal parts are to be oiled without residues using all common cleaning and degreasing methods. Furthermore, BRANOrol should be stored cool in closed containers.

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