BRANOabsorb – fleece for absorbing and binding of oil

BRANOabsorb is a fleece that absorbs and binds oil as well as fuel. Thanks to its compact format, it can be applied on every spot where liquids might leak or have already leaked.

From the beginning on, the fleece has a high absorption speed and is capable of absorbing up to 25 times more of its own weight thanks to its enormous absorbency. It absorbs and binds oil as well as other oil-based liquids (e.g. lubricants and dissolvers, propellants) without absorbing water. Since BRANOabsorb swims, it is applicable outdoors at rainy weather as well as on water surfaces. Even after reaching its maximum absorption capacity, the fleece is still able to swim, therefore it is perfectly suitable for removing oil spills on water surfaces.

As binding material, the fleece is especially used in industry, workshop, agriculture, logistics, transport, service, motorsport and boating as well as in civil protection.

In boating, BRANOabsorb is for instance applied to line the motor bilge within boats. In workshops, the fleece is placed underneath in order to prevent (oil) pollution. Furthermore, it is perfectly suited for the cleaning of tools on one hand, on the other hand the white fleece is used in order to identify machine leaks since the oil is easily recognizable on the bright colour.

In addition to that, it is recommended to have oil absorbing fleece in stock as emergency prevention for the domestic boiler room and as a refill unit for the first aid box at oil accidents.

According to the customer’s wishes, BRANOabsorb can be delivered in various rolls, formats and punch-outs, furthermore, customized solutions are possible.