Baking Cardboard - Blechrein Extra Strong

Blechrein Extra Strong is a one-sided special cardboard based on bleached cellulose-cardboard and bleached baking paper. This stable and special baking base is versatile and multi reusable, apart from pretzel biscuits.

Blechrein Extra Strong is available in a printed or unprinted version with a material thickness of 300 g / m². It is made of environmentally friendly material, has good release properties and can be processed into baking tins or trays. Pastries can be cooled, deep-frozen, baked and also sold together in the Blechrein Extra Strong baking cardboard.

Blechrein Extra Strong complies with the current recommendation XXXVI / 2 of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), is harmless to health, has the approval of HACCP and is ISEGA certified. It can be disposed of with household waste and it can be supplied to energy recovery.

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