BRANOseal - self-adhesive paper

BRANOseal paper is a self-adhesive paper coated on one side, which only adheres to itself and leaves no residue on the goods to be packaged. BRANOseal paper is the perfect alternative to PE (polyethylene) bags and bulky cardboard boxes and can be used flexibly - from professional online shops to private shipment.

BRANOseal paper forms an intelligent closure solution in the packaging sector. Additional sealing materials, such as adhesive and strapping tapes, are not necessary. Consequently, not only less, but also environmentally friendly waste is generated – as the packaging can be easily disposed of via the waste paper cycle after use.
On request, BRANOseal paper is available as a roll with a practical dispenser; therefore, you can easily create any packaging size by yourself. Simply tear off the appropriate sheet size, wrap the goods with a slight overlap, press on and label. In addition, the paper can be processed into BRANOseal corrugated cardboard. Customized solutions such as an individual print can also be tailored to your application and requirements.


  • Flexible use thanks to customer-optimized formats and sizes
  • Reduction of waste and transport costs through precise packaging
  • Space-saving storage
  • Sustainable through environmentally friendly material and easy disposal
  • No additional adhesive and sealing materials necessary
  • Time-saving packaging due to easy handling
  • Roll-off dispenser also available on request

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