BRANOfol Multifunction – Threefold Corrosion Protection

BRANOfol Multifunction consists of a three-layered film system and therefore offers multi-protection against various corrosion influences.

The highly transparent barrier layers actively function against water vapor, oxygen and industrial air pollutants (e.g. sulphur compounds). Furthermore, the VCI-system actively protects metal parts and plants in the inner layer, so that a threefold corrosion protection can be guaranteed.

The special multi-layer construction ensures high stability and tear strength, in addition to that, BRANOfol Multifunction is sealable and recyclable. Moreover, the film can be equipped with further characteristics, e.g. shrinkable, highly tear-proof or flame retardant properties.

Since oiling or greasing is not necessary anymore, the film depicts an ecologically friendly corrosion protection.

Besides, the corrosion protection film also serves as packaging material, which means that the surrounding packaging needs to meet lower requirements than usually.

BRANOfol Multifunction is available as flat film, sheet, bag, tube or hood as well as in various colors. Depending on the climate conditions and the packaging’s density, a protection up to twelve months can be guaranteed. With further knowledge about the application conditions, the latter can be extended.

Upon request, we gladly support you with packaging or rather demonstrate the correct application of BRANOfol Multifunction to you. Just contact us!  For further information about BRANOfol Multifunction, visit our website