Anti-Rust Stamping Film

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The anti-rust stamping film, also called anti-corrosion stamping film, reacts due to the VCI-method. In a closed package the „Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors“, or short VCI, of the film archieve an effective protection for all metal parts. Not even the direct contact between the metal parts and the stamping film is necessarily needed. When shortly opening the package, there is no possibility of a damage of the protecting atmosphere. The package should be closed again afterwards and not opened permanently.

The anti-rust stamping film has a higher content of VCI-substances due to its larger surface. Furthermore, the fully stamped film has a cushioning effect when it comes to impacts.

The anti-rust stamping film has the same scope of protection as other anti-corrosion film. Metal parts packed with our stamping film have to be free of corrosive influences such as sulfates, chlorides from finger sweat or washing baths as well as acid and basic substances.

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