Blechrein Emotion

Blechrein Emotion – baking with emotions

Are you looking for a special parchment paper for Christmas or an eyecatcher for a (children’s) birthday party? Would you like to impress the boys with the help of a jam roll imprinted with footballs, wow the girls with horse motives or fascinate the other parents because of your creative ideas?

Due to the various imprints of the Blechrein Emotion premium parchment papers, you will be perfectly prepared for every occasion. The cheerful and colorful parchment papers cannot only be used as a decoration, because of their high release properties they also ensure that even the most delicate Christmas angel does not stick to the parchment paper but can easily be released by every child.

With the aid of our boys, girls and fruits collection you can realize creative pastry imprints. You just have to paint the desired motives to imprint, for instance, biscuit rolls. Thus, your birthday snacks will not only be tasty but also look great.

Moreover, the parchment paper is of course not only suitable for our youngest. Thanks to our various printings that also include the four seasons, you can utilize the premium parchment papers for different occasions and also transform your own party snacks into eyecatchers.

The Blechrein Emotion line consists of the products Blechrein Spring, Blechrein Summer, Blechrein Autumn, Blechrein Winter, Blechrein Boys, Blechrein Girls, Blechrein Fruits and Blechrein Party.  

With the parchment papers of the Blechrein Emotion line, you are prepared for every delightful moment of your life!

In the section My Blechrein, we can realize individual printings - any ideas for other colorful motives that you have and also printings such as company logos for our industrial customers.

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