Siliconized Release Paper BRANOperl

BRANOperl is a bleached or unbleached release paper coated on both sides with very good heat-proof characteristics. The excellent release characteristics prevent strips or sheets of material from sticking together or to other materials.

BRANOperl can be used as a release paper during the manufacturing of soaps.

 Seifentrennpapier_Ablösepapier_silikonisiertes Papier


BRANOperl is used especially in industry for a wide range of applications.

  • Furniture industry: As a layer between laminated sheets before, during and after pressing; as dividers and to provide protection against scratching,
  • Print industry: As transfer paper in silk-screen printing and tampon procedures,
  • Medical supplies: As an intermediate layer between self-adhesive dressing materials,
  • Office supplies: Release paper for household films, labels and self-adhesive stickers,
  • Photo industry: As an intermediate layer for self-adhesive photo materials.


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