Masterbatch Production

A masterbatch is a concentrated granulate made up of polymers and additives. By adding these additives, both the color and the properties of the masterbatch can be changed. Masterbatches are for plastics processing what good ingredients are for gourmet kitchens: only with the right masterbatch can a “simple” plastic become a very special product.

A distinction is made between three groups of masterbatches. Color masterbatch is used to manufacture colored plastic products. In order to give the packaging certain properties such as antistatic, flame retardancy, UV stabilization and corrosion protection, additional additives can be added (additive masterbatch). After the masterbatch has been processed into anti-corrosion films, VCI additives actively prevent corrosion by depositing on the surface of the metals to be protected as well as by enclosing and protecting the metal’s passive layer. Color and additive masterbatches can also be combined (combination batch).

During production, the mixture of PE granulate and additives is processed in a so-called extruder. Extruders are conveyor devices that, depending on the starting material, press solid to viscous masses evenly out of a shaping mold under a certain combination of pressure and temperature. This process is known as extrusion. Under a constant temperature and pressure, the mixture is made malleable and is extruded into strands from an opening. The masterbatch strands are passed over a strand nozzle through a cooling bath and dried using a blower. The batch is then granulated.


At BRANOpac, both additive and combination batches as well as color batches can be produced in-house. Compared to other extrusion processes, the planetary roller extruders used in production can also process thermosensitive materials efficiently and in a resource-saving manner thanks to excellent temperature control at low temperatures –the materials to be processed do not have to be melted, they only have to be malleable by kneading and rolling. Further advantages include the excellent dispersing properties and homogenizing performance.

As an additional service, BRANOpac offers the production of individual and customer-specific masterbatches. Thanks to extensive know-how, all process steps are precisely tailored to your requirements. We will of course be happy to support you upon request and work with you to find the right batch for your application.

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