Master Batch / Contract Batches

The master batch is a polymer granulate. Addition of pigments and additives permits adjusting of the colour as well as the properties of the master batch. Dyed master batch is used to produce coloured plastics products (colour master batch).

Additives like antistatic, flame-retardant, UV-stabilising and corrosion-protection substances (additive master batch) lead to additional desired properties of the final product. Colour and additive master batch can also be combined (combination batch).

The mix of PE granulate, dyes and additives is melted in an extruder, pressed in strands, cooled and granulated.

In comparison to pastes, powder or liquids, the master batch can be processed very well, thus increasing process safety.

BRANOpac can produce colour, additive and combination batches alike in in-house production. These master batches are used to produce BRANOfol.



As an additional service, BRANOpac offers contracted production of individual and customer-related master batches and compounds.

The planetary roll extruders of BRANOpac can be used to gently integrate temperature-sensitive substances into different polymers at low temperatures. Additionally, the batches can be equipped with additives like antistatic properties, flame protection, UV-stability and corrosion protection

In the scope of contracted batching, BRANOpac can process any plastic at temperatures up to 240 °C.

The granulates produced are dispersed very well.

The output performance is between 80 kg/h – 200 kg/h, depending on the material to be processed. The BRANOpac-extruders offer a selection of four dosage intervals:



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