Ion Exchange Chromatograph

If you are interested in analyses made an ion exchange chromotograph, you can easily request them at BRANOpac. Ion exchange chromotographs are used for analyses in chemistry and biology. With its help substances can be seperated with its electric charge (in anionsand cations) to define them quantitatively and qualitatively.

After defining the substance by taking a sample, it is injected in the ion exchange chromatograph and then transported to the separation system through a opening in  a valve. The volume of injection is typically five – 100 microlitres. The most important part oft he ion exchange chromatograph is the analytical separation column, that works with room temperature. There is also a detector for detection and quantification. Also, a ion exchange chromatograph has a serial interface, through which you can connect it with a computer, to show the measurement results.



The innovative ion exchange chromatograph replaces the tradition so far, a procedure that brought exact results, but needed a day for the analyses. With the new working station we can shorten this time down to one hour. Also, now not only chlorides and sulphates can be proofed, but many other ions as well.

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