Infrared Spectrometer

The infrared spectrometer serves physical analysis with infrared light (wavelength: 800 nm to 1 mm). This analysis procedure is a method in molecular spectroscopy. In case of unknown substances, the infrared spectrometer serves as structure resolution. In known substances, the infrared spectrometer can be used for quantity determination.

At BRANOpac, the infrared spectrometer is part of the standard equipment in the analysis lab. Additionally, we offer an ATR attachment that makes analysis much easier, since samples can be analysed without having to extensively prepare samples.


This procedure is used to perform cause and evidence research to pass on recommendations for action to customers. This cause and evidence research is also offered by BRANOpac as a service.

Independently of industry and product, analysis lab examinations are offered in the BRANOscience area by BRANOpac.

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