Corrosion Protection Paper Ferrogard and MULTIguard

Corrosion protection paper is a laminated paper which provides safe and efficient protection from corrosion. The paper acts according to the VCI principle and is therefore also called VCI paper.

The premium VCI paper from BRANOpac is called BRANOrost. The basic paper is called Ferrogard or MULTIguard. These papers are used as follows:

Metal parts which need to be protected from corrosion when being dispatched or when in storage, for example, will be packed with VCI papers (e.g. by simply wrapping the paper around the metal parts or lining both the container and the intermediate layers).

The gap between the VCI Premium Paper BRANOrost and the metal is dependent on the volume of the packaging and the permitted time until a protective atmosphere is constructed. The rule of thumb here is that complete protection is achieved after 15 minutes at a distance of 30cm. The thicker the exterior packaging, the more durable the protection.


The VCI Premium Papier BRANOrost corrosion protection papers render oiling and greasing unnecessary. Metal parts are ready for use any time without having to be cleaned, as the packaging provides corrosion protection, ensuring a secure and environmentally compliant handling.Besides Corrosion protection papers there are also Corrosion protection films, resp. VCI-films.


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