BRANOpac offers, in addition to the production of masterbatches, also the production of compounds within its range of services. A compound is a final combination of masterbatch, fillers and reinforcing materials or other additives.

Various compounds can be contract-manufactured in the company's own planetary roller extruders. Whether based on a customer template or through a joint development of a recipe - BRANOpac can provide qualified staff and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for customer needs.


















Even small quantities can be manufactured at BRANOpac. The planetary roller extruders at BRANOpac operate in a temperature range from 20 ° C up to 260 ° C, thus thermolabile substances can be processed gently. The components are rolled out very thin by the planetary rollers, which ensures excellent homogenization and dispersion.

BRANOpac bietet die Herstellung von Compunds an

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