BRANOtech is a business unit of BRANOpac. This business area includes the physical papers for technical applications.

Special papers include:

  • slip-inhibiting or anti-slip paper "BRANOgrip" for securing loads as pallet application or interim layer.
  • flame-retardant paper "Patenthaut" for displays, trade fairs, exhibitions, shop window decorations, theatre snow, posters, for super markets, movie theatres, train stations and stadiums.
  • cold sealing capable corrugated cardboard or packaging "BRANOseal", unilaterally coated and adhesive only towards itself, without any residue on the packed goods or sealing temperature.
  • Anti-adhesive paper "BRANOperl". A bilaterally siliconised paper with good heat resistance and removal characteristics for use in the furniture, photography and print industry, as well as for office and medical needs.



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