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Baking tins are used as containers and shapers for baked goods. The material used can vary between sheet metal, plastic or paper.

BRANOpac is a manufacturer of high-quality baking papers that can be processed into various baking tins. The BRANOpac baking tins are made of environmentally friendly material in both printed and unprinted versions. Time-consuming cleaning work is no longer necessary. The molds can be disposed of using energy recovery or composting. Unused molds can be recycled.

The BRANOpac baking tins are harmless to health. They are released according to HACCP and correspond to the current recommendation of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.









Various shapes are possible to keep the baking dishes clean. In addition to brioche and baguette shapes, cake base inserts, box cake inserts and round plates are also available on request.

More baking paper variations of the new and diverse Blechrein baking paper range can be found here:








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