Advantages of Temporary VCI Corrosion Protection

The advantages of temporary VCI corrosion protection are evident: With this process, no more oily or greasy coatings have to be applied to metal parts. Therefore, users save time-consuming cleaning before using the work pieces, as the metal parts arrive at the recipient without corrosion, clean and dry. Products with active ingredients for VCI corrosion protection are environmentally and health-neutral, recyclable and completely free of hazardous waste.

If a VCI film is used, customs control can be carried out without damaging the packaging due to the transparency of the VCI film. In addition, the corrosion protection effect of the VCI film is maintained over many years, depending on the type of VCI product and if the instructions for use are complied with.



VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. VCI active ingredients are compounds that, in addition to their anti-corrosion properties, also have a vapor pressure. These VCI active ingredients evaporate from the carrier material until a protective atmosphere has built up inside the packaging.

The inhibitors then deposit on the metal surfaces and thus prevent the protective passive layer of the metal from dissolving.

BRANOpac’s VCI paper BRANOrost in particular offers an outstanding protective effect - completely without oil.

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