Blechrein® (known in France as Plaqnet) has been the premium baking paper from BRANOpac since its market launch in 1963.

This premium baking paper is designed for medium to high requirements and consists of environmentally friendly bleached or unbleached parchment replacement paper. Blechrein® has excellent release properties and complies with the current recommendation XXXVI / 2 of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. Therefore Blechrein® is harmless to health.

Blechrein® enables clean and economical work, as there is no need for time-consuming cleaning. Blechrein® can be used as a baking base for all pastries or as a release paper in the meat, cheese and confectionery industry, for caterers, restaurants and at home for baking, roasting, steaming, freezing and separating food.






The premium baking paper from BRANOpac is available coated on one or both sides. Blechrein® is suitable for applications up to 220 ° C and can be used several times. In addition, Blechrein® can be processed on request as a brioche and baguette form and as a cake base.

More baking paper variations of the new and diverse Blechrein range can be found here:






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