Packaging of Books or CDs

BRANOseal corrugated board is open on one side. Its corrugated waves are B-shaped and manufactured from cold-seal adept paper that has been specially designed to stick to itself only. High sealing temperatures are not necessary.

BRANOseal or BRANOseal corrugated board is used for intelligent packaging sealing solutions. The coated corrugated sides adhere only to themselves and not to the material being packaged.

Additional sealing systems such as glue or strapping bands are not needed. BRANOseal corrugated board’s cushioning properties offer additional protection. Kraft lining in the outer packaging improves its resistance to piercing from outside.


BRANOseal corrugated board is used:

  • in the distribution industry as the ideal and fast packaging solution for books, CDs, games and video cassettes,
  • in the furniture industry for protecting chair and table legs susceptible to scratching,
  • in the manufacturing of cycles, prams, toys for packaging painted frames, tube etc.



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