BRANOseal corrugated cardboard

BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is a corrugated cardboard that is open on one side. Its corrugated waves are B-shaped and manufactured from BRANOseal paper. Thanks to the padding effect, BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging such as bubble wrap. Moreover, kraftliner in the outer packaging improves its resistance to external forces.
BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is used for intelligent closure solutions in the packaging sector. Additional sealing materials, such as adhesive and strapping tapes, are not necessary. Consequently, not only less, but also environmentally friendly waste is generated – as the packaging can be easily disposed of via the waste paper cycle after use. Furthermore, customized solutions such as an individual print can also be tailored to your application and requirements.

BRANOseal corrugated cardboard is used:

  • in the mail order business, for fast and uncomplicated packaging of books, CDs and DVDs, etc.
  • in the furniture industry, for the protection of scratch-sensitive chair and table legs, etc.
  • in transportation, for the protection of scratch-sensitive and shock-sensitive parts such as bicycle
  • frames, electronic components, etc.
  • for individual packaging and for individual padding protection



  • No additional adhesive and sealing materials necessary
  • Padding, scratch protection and packaging material in one
  • Sustainable through environmentally friendly material and easy disposal
  • Only sticks to itself
  • Tailored formats and sizes
  • Time-saving packaging due to easy handling
  • Development of customized solutions








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