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Blechrein – more than just a baking paper

Are you a baker by trade, caterer, restaurant owner, hotelier, frozen goods producer or similar and have the need of a parchment paper that is especially tailored to your individual application? In our section “My Blechrein”, we fulfill your wish of a tailor-made solution according to your needs.

It is possible to apply different quantities of baking silicone as well as laminate various raw papers. Moreover, we can realize customized printings such as company logos and slogans in numerous colors which are verified as safe in contact with food. The parchment papers can be cut to suit almost every format and we can offer you customized parchment papers or baking boards from small amounts up to several tons.

Due to the different quantities of baking silicone, we create parchment papers and baking boards that have high to very high release properties so that even demanding pastries like macarons can be removed without residue. Furthermore, the baking tray stays clean so that there is no need of cleaning afterwards and the hygienic requirements are still met.








The baking silicone can be applied on different raw papers in numerous grammages and the papers can be laminated if desired. The lamination can for example absorb redundant grease and store it within the parchment paper as it is the case for Blechrein Slim.

If you are interested in a customized application that is tailor-made for your requirements, however you feel the need of a component that is not included here, please contact us to find out yourself what else is possible.

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